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attitudes towards high school

I think the biggest problem in my school is that the food is too terrible, I cannot enjoy my meal at all. the best food in the shcool is hot dog, but this days I find that there are too many fatty in the hot dog, I hate fatty meat. The second problem is the bed is too small. I can't use all of my sleeping position, it is not uncomfortable.

what will the world look like in 20~50 years

In 20~50 later, aliens maybe occupy the earth, humen live in a terrible environment. They have no food to eat and no place to live. Everyone cast thier hopes on Steven. Now Steven become the king of the humen union country, he lead his people to fight with evil aliens, and for justice, he use the super power to make the last people in secure, but a super evil power is approaching the earth, the humen will face the biggest difficulties right away..... If Steven can save his people again´╝č